Establishment of Sales Team

In order to be successful in the marketing and sales process of a project, a number of different subjects need to be kept under control.

This is only possible with a good team organization. AREAS organizes all its services with two different teams in one project.

The first team is the AREAS Central Team. In this staff, there are Marketing, System Development, HR and Performance Improvement units. The AREAS Center Team consists of professionals who are specialized in the subject and serve at the AREAS Head Office. All marketing processes from campaigns to the media planning, personnel selection – placement – training – sales teams’ performance evaluations to be implemented during the sale of the project are carried out by the “AREAS Central Team”.

The second team is the Sales Team. The Sales Team, consists of Office Assistant, Sales Expert, Sales Director / Sales Manager and serves at the sales office in the locality of the project . The Sales Team works under the AREAS Central Team and deals only with sales activities. The sales process of the sales team is prepared according to the properties of the project and the tasks to be undertaken by the sales team are shaped within the sales process.

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