Establishment of CRM Infrastructure

The data is a very important resource for both the existing construction project as well as the projects to be produced by a company which has been collected for potential customer by spending thousands of Turkish liras in advertisements and promotions.

For the moment, assume that you have made phone – mail – face – to – face interviews with these customers but have not kept any information about the customers. Will all the money you’ve spent not go for nothing?

How will you inform customers who have reached you in some way but who have not made a purchase to offer new campaign conditions and advantages? Or, if you for example do not have the data of the regions of the customers who visited you or bought from you, the age ranges, marital status, etc., how will you direct your ads to the right places?

One of the biggest benefits AREAS provides to its contractors is the creation of a CRM infrastructure to store the above-mentioned information. The CRM program infrastructure will record the data in the healthiest way if the company has a CRM program used by the firm, or if there is no such system, it is prepared by the coordination of AREAS and Digital Partners.

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