20 July 2022

Sales are Started at Bulvar 9 Industrial Complex

Bulvar 9 Industrial Complex, built in Esenyurt, the heart of the Istanbul Industrial Zone, […]
25 June 2021

Real Estate in Turkey for Foreigners – Property Turkey

Real Estate in Turkey has seen a high demand with the growing number of […]
11 June 2021
Turkish property

Turkish Property Sales Processes to Foreigners

Turkish property sales to foreigners by most professional ways
24 January 2021

75% of 1st Stage Sales in Resim Istanbul Completed

75% of 1st Stage Sales in Resim Istanbul in Sancaktepe on Anatolian Side on […]
24 January 2021

Resim Modern Project is on Sale

We Put Resim Modern project of Ortadoğu Holding on sale;
24 January 2021

AREAS Performance Awards Has Been Given

AREAS Sales Offices were awarded;
24 January 2021

Monthly Meeting Has Been Performed

At the AREAS Meeting;
24 January 2021

Award to Toskana Orizzonte in 3 categories

Toskana Orizzonte project of Arikan Construction, one of our business partners;
24 January 2021

August Performance Review Meeting

A performance evaluation meeting in August
24 January 2021

Arıkan Yapi, Agreed with AREAS for Sales and Marketing of Toskana Orizzonte

Arıkan Yapı has chosen AREAS;
24 January 2021

Intensive Preliminary Demand for Mod Istanbul

The Mod Istanbul project;
24 January 2021

90% of the houses were sold in Resim İstanbul Nefes

Sales at Resim Istanbul Nefes, one of Sancaktepe’s largest and most comprehensive housing projects;
24 January 2021

A New Generation Life Begins

Sales has launched of the project, consisting of residential and commercial units on Atatürk […]
24 January 2021

A Life by the Sea with Prava Kartal

All the Project Development, Marketing and Sales preparations for the Prava Kartal project;
24 January 2021

Green Park Hotel Meeting

With the participation of our Sales Teams​;e
24 January 2021

Kuyas Commercial in İstanbul Jewelry Show

Our business partners are Kuyaş Real Estate;    
24 January 2021

First Stage Deliveries Were Made in Resim Istanbul

The first stage deliveries of the Istanbul Project;
24 January 2021

Preliminary Demands Started at Selective Blue

In the Selective Blue project, which is a dream for the Kartal beach against […]
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