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AREAS acts in a target and result-oriented manner at all stages from the first contact of potential customers with the sales office to the signing of sales contracts.

The International Brand of AREAS, having robust expertise and experience, sells real estate to its foreign customers directly and through its network of agents

As You can sell your project only to domestic real estate investors or only to potential foreign customers from abroad, it can simultaneously sell to all domestic and foreign real estate investors as well.

By acting with an innovative and analytical perspective in the construction industry, where intense competition is experienced, AREAS is a company that is followed in the sector with its marketing strategies and determines the rules of competition.

AREAS applies digital advertisements around the world. By applying real estate TV ads in the countries that have intense demand to buy real estate in Turkey, opens your project to the world through many different channels such as our Iran Office.

Your projects are presented in detail to foreigners through our FOREIGN AGENCIES network and our DOMESTIC AGENCIES network.

AREAS organizes many processes from market analysis to concept development, from determining the target audience to project mixing, and ensures that the project is implemented in the most accurate way.

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