Description of Target Group

The AREAS actively plays a role in how the planned project will be perceived by the consumers, who will form the target group, and how the project perception and target group harmonize and communicate.

Whatever you say, people tend to act as they perceive it. Project perception of potential customers is extremely important. For this reason, AREAS carefully organizes all elements that affect perception in accordance with the target group.

– To whom will the project be produced? Who are the potential domestic and foreign customers? What affects the buying behavior of potential customers?
– The harmony between the values of potential customers, their willingness and the ability to buy off the potential customers and the prices of the project …
– The name of the project, promises to potential customers …
– Differences from the competitors of the project and the way these differences are expressed to potential customers.

– The name of the project is their commitment to potential clients….
– The difference between the project’s competitors and how they communicate to potential customers…

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