Resale Stock Analysis

As AREAS, we know very well that the only competitor of a new construction project is not similar residential projects.

For this reason, construction projects in which the production has already been completed and second-hand sales/leases, which have begun in the region will be analyzed in general terms. In the light of this data, accurate and healthy donations are made while the pricing of the project to be produced is done. The second-hand inventory analysis also provides forecasts to the contractor about what the final prices might be when the project is finished.

Especially in the residential projects to be produced in stages, the formation of the 2nd hand market in the project after the delivery of the stages constitutes a serious threat to the residential buildings that are on sale.

In this respect, AREAS also has an elaborate working process about the examination of the second-hand housing market in general, and shares the data regularly with the contractor company and takes action accordingly.

In this respect, AREAS is both general and in-project 2. he also undergoes a careful work process in the development of the housing market, and regularly shares data with the contractor and takes action accordingly.

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